LP’s 2/6 – November 26

This is the last week of MP#2 – make sure that you are organized – two MP F’s and you fail the course.  Some of you are already perched on that bubble.  Also do not forget that many of you have extra credit % banked for your efforts on the November Election.  You may apply that extra % next week when final marking period grades will be tallied.

Lesson Plans will be posted here weekly in PDF format. In order to access them merely click on the correct class.  As changes occur to the plans during the course of the week, I will note those changes at the end of the post – not on the PDF original – so please keep that in mind.   If you have any questions concerning the LPs please leave a reply. I will do my best to get back to you with an answer within 24 hrs.

I hope this helps you to better organize your school work and your life.

Salamou Alaykoum.

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