Selma Update 12/12/12

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Hey guys a couple updates in regards to the Selma trip…

Number one – looks like we have ten students going.  Two or three adults.  I’ll go – maybe Mr. Green and Mr. Lohman as well. Also, I’ve included two flyers.  Go here for Mr. Wood’s flyer that will go on the backside of your creation.  All of you can make flyers to help fundraise – I’ll help you – just stay after school and we can put em together and we’ll run color copies.  Candy will be available for you to sell sometime next week.  Finally, upcoming deadlines below.  Please let me know if you have questions.  Stay in touch.

One more thing I made a facebook group – so if that’s where you go for info…I’ll do a double post.  Here and there.

2013 Selma Travelers

  • Almanda Molter
  • Caelin Subdon
  • Devon Huston
  • Eric Gemzer
  • Hannah Lawser
  • Meaghan Braspennix
  • Wyatt Sabatino
  • Sascha from Deutschland
  • Mr. Wood
  • Mr. Green or Mr. Lohman 

Approaching Deadlines

  • Thursday, December 20 – Final date for $50 refundable deposit.
  • Monday, January 28 – Final date for airline ticket balance due.
  • Friday, March 1 – Fly out of Grand Rapids, MI for Birmingham, AL.


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