Thomas Jefferson’s Honor Roll

Congratulations to the individuals below for earning an A on the Declaration of Independence Exam.

Governments, even those long established, may become destructive of the ends that once protected “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”  Should that occur, it is the right of the people (in a sense their duty) to alter or to abolish that government and to institute a new and more responsible version; one that will most likely affect their safety and happiness.

Keep those pitchforks sharpened, those torches soaked. 

  • 94% Emilia Lang
  • 94% Chris Moore
  • 94% Travis Simmons
  • 94% Kelly Snow
  • 94% Maria Vasconcelos
  • 93% Erin Brault
  • 93% Dakodah Roomsburg
  • 93% Molly Payne
  • 91% Tim Crans
  • 91% Falisha Burroughs
  • 90% Sam McGhan
  • 90% Derek Masterman

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