Selma Update 12/26/12

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Hey guys…I need to talk with you.  We had nine people stay on…three people drop.  We are under ten travelers which means that we cannot get the group rate.  That doesn’t mean that tickets will cost more.  Right now there are flights on U.S. Airways twenty dollars cheaper than what we were going to pay.  The problem is that we have to nail down the ticket ASAP – which means we have to pay full fare as soon as possible.

I must cancel the group fare today – and you’ll get your $50 back.  That’s not a problem.

However we need to make sure that we are going, what your commitment level is, and when you can pay for your flight.  If we go online and purchase tickets…we have to do it immediately after school starts, or we are going to find ourselves in a real pickle pricewise on the tickets.

I need to know your thoughts on the following ASAP

  • Do you intend to go to Selma?
  • What is the earliest point at which you can pay for your flight – approximately $430?
  • Please contact me ASAP – (616) 402-8668 or
  • Selma Traveler List – Update 12/26/12
  • Caelin Subdon
  • Devon Huston
  • Eric Gemzer
  • Hannah Lawser
  • Meaghan Braspennix
  • Wyatt Sabatino
  • Sascha from Deutschland
  • Mr. Wood
  • Mr. Green 


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