IOW – The Case for more Guns (and more Gun Control)

The Case for more Guns (and more Gun Control)

  • The Atlantic Magazine – Go here for actual article.  And here for PDF copy.
  • December 12, 2012
  • by Jeffery Goldberg

In Economics (RWE –Real World Economics) and Government (A.C.T! – Action Counts Today) we’ve worked on critical reading in an interactive manner in order to develop a higher intellectual level of comprehension.  This process leads to a deeper understanding of the issues and a more relevant and in-depth evaluation of the journalistic piece.  A major part of the process is to read actively; the procedure encourages you to write and draw and circle all over the actual copy of the story.  Don’t confuse this with highlighting.  All a yellow felt pen does – is allow you to put off indefinitely thinking about what it is that you are coloring.   You’ll find this style of reading will come in handy at the next level where you’ll be expected to pull much more from your reading assignments than you do in high school.

I want you to take on IOW (Issues of the World) assignments in the same manner.  Actively read and write and reflect simultaneously.

Also for ACT and RWE you’ve been required to write reflectively.  This includes quotes – summary – reflection – question.   Please go here… to view an excellent example of the IOW reflective summary format required for the linked article.

The Case for more Guns (and More Gun Control)  is an IOW assignment.   Follow active reading format.  You must turn in the marked up article and staple it  to your reflection piece.  Use the above example of a IOW style reflection in summarizing the piece.  You will be graded on each – in the same format that you have been evaluated  in Economics with RWE, and Government with A.C.T!.  It is a fifty point assignment.

Article summary / reflection guidelines / Active reading

  1. Print the article
  2. Actively read the article.  Write and scribble and circle and notate in and out of the margins.
  3. Type up your summary in the reflective IOW format linked above.
  4. Turn the marked up story and your typed reflection together by end of the hour on Friday January 11.


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