2013 Economics – Final Exam Guidelines

Podcasts:  Please go here to find audio podcasts reviewing pertinent Economics Principles and Terms, and terms pertaining to College Funding and You.

This exam will test you in three Economics focus areas. Part I – College Funding and You.  This portion of the exam is all short answer.   Part II – Economic Principles and Terms.  This portion of the test will be in class and consist of short answer and multiple choice questions.  The second portion of the exam deals with personal economics.  You may not use notes on either Part I or Part II of the Final.

For Part III – RWE  you must take on an assigned RWE (Real World Economics) article by Mr. Wood.  Your requirement is to actively read the article (notate it) and write up an RWE assignment Option S – full review of the article.  The reflection (for all students) will count as a fifty point homework grade, plus for those taking the final an additional  33% portion of the exam.   It is due at the end of the day on Friday, January 25.  This portion of the Final Exam must be typed. You must also turn in the notated article.  I expect and will grade you for active reading responses on the actual article.  You will be provided a choice of articles to read on Monday January 21.  You may go here to find PDF copies of your RWE article choices.

Please go here for an excellent example of RWE reflection.

If you have home computer access issues you may come in during any Exam period to use my computers or before or after school of exam week.   Please see me if you questions.

Your grade for the exam will be broken down in the following manner:

  • I – 100 pts / Basic Economics – Principles and Terms 
  • II – 100 pts / Personal Economics – College Funding and YOU
  • III – 100 pts/ R.W.E. – Real World Economics (Take home portion)

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