2013 Government Final Exam Guidelines

A.C.T! Reflection: Please go here for an excellent example of A.C.T! reflection.

Podcasts:  Please go here to find audio podcasts reviewing the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.  

This exam will concentrate on three historical political documents; The Declaration of Independence (Part I), The Bill of Rights (Part II), and 14th Amendment to the Constitution (Part III).   You will be asked questions about the environment in which each was written.  You will be required to interpret the meaning of each.  And finally I expect you to provide personal real world awareness as to the lasting implications of each document.  Grading of specific answers will take into account the depth and accuracy of your responses.

For Part IV – A.C.T! you must write up a full post A.C.T! reflection (Action Counts Today).  Your requirement is to actively read the article (notate it) and write up an A.C.T! reflection.  The assignment (for all students) will count as a fifty point homework grade, plus for those taking the final an additional 25% portion of the exam.   It is due at the beginning of school on Friday, January 25.  This portion of the Final Exam must be typed. You must also turn in the actual article.  I will grade you for active reading responses on the actual article.  You will be provided one hour class time in the computer lab to work on or search for an adequate article relating to your A.C.T! issue one week prior to exams.

If you have home computer access issues you may come in during any Exam period to use my computers or before or after school of exam week to work on your A.C.T! assignment.   Please see me if you questions.

Each of the four sections below count 25% of your final exam grade.  

  • I – 50 pts / Declaration of Independence (1776)
  • II – 50 pts / Bill of Rights (1791)
  • III – 50 pts / 14th Amendment to the Constitution (1868)
  • IV – 50 pts / A.C.T. – take home article evaluation (2013)

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