A Google Docs Debate – The Cider House Rules

A Google Docs Debate  – A Follow up on the Cider House Rules… 

You have four posts to make in this Google Docs Debate.  Posts #1, #2, #3 must be up by Tuesday February 12 @ 6:00 PM.  The replies must be posted by class time on Wednesday.  This is a fifty point assignment.

Four posts total.  I’ve asked you all a couple of questions about Candy and Homer.  Below these – I’ve posted your names.  I want you go to your name and highlight Candy (post #1) to respond to my query in regards to her and highlight Homer (post #2) after your name and answer me concerning him.  Use the movie and your thoughts to back it up.  For your third post – I want you to comment on  somebody elses post – push a little bit on their evaluation of Candy or Homer – hold them accountable to their position.  For this post I expect you to talk to the originator of the idea.  Just you and them.  I don’t want you going into the middle of a thread for this. This thread is just a two person deal.  If somebody has already been questioned…that is OK you can question them as well.  Highlight the individual and start a thread with them.  Just remember for post #3  you must address the originator of the thread on your own.  Once you make post #3 your responsibility is done in regards to that thread – however you may always go back and reply after they respond to you.

For #4 respond to any comments that you are queried on.  Posts #1 and #2 – 150 words.   Post #3 and #4 – be thorough no word limit.  However, I want to hear some thoughtful and probing questions.  

Candy – After reading ALL of your responses and thinking about your answers on a sunny snow day in February – one thing seems consistent.  Nobody has much sympathy for Candy.  How come?  You don’t know what her’s and Wally’s history is – its never revealed in the movie.  Were they together for six months, a year, three years.  Wally volunteered for the Burma run.  Does it matter that she obviously DID NOT want him to do that?  And does it matter that this was World War II?  Is she really such a tramp?  Didn’t she say to Wally and to Homer I am not good at being alone?  And didn’t she in the end go back to Wally, even though she knows her life will be miserable?  Didn’t she defend Rose and get the ball rolling when nobody else was pushing the issue – none of the guys in the Cider House – not even Homer – went to Rose’s aid?  Why is everybody trashing Candy?

Homer – Post abortion Homer. Everybody seems to think Homer is going to run back to the Orphanage and live a Disney world happy life with a changed attitude to towards abortion. He is in the doctor business / and briefly with Rose was in the abortion business as well.  And so after he aborts her child, after he sees Mr. Rose die, after he comes back to the Orphanage, what becomes of this abortion portion of his life?  Think about it.  Does an individual because of one situation change a belief that he’s held firm for his entire life?  And what about the law…if he’s caught doing abortions now with fake credentials up at that orphanage Homer’s gonna find a new home that’s for sure – in the state penitentiary.  It’s one thing to come to the aid of your good friend.  Its another entirely different matter to hang out a shingle that says “Abortions Available – new doctor in town”  when it violates state law.  You all seem to think that he will go back and do abortions on demand.  Well, tell me why.

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