Juniors Scheduling for 2014/15 – Thoughts on Senior Current Issues


I know that you’ve begun your planning for your senior schedules.  I just wanted to toss my two cents worth into your decision making process.  I would like us to have a strong Senior Current Issues class next year.   A few things to think about when making your decisions on that schedule…

1 – Try real hard to dual enroll – whatever you do, this is your best choice to insure success down the road.  You earn credits that count towards college graduation.  The Oakridge School District pays for those credits.  And you gain valuable experience in a college setting, consequently you’ll find a more comfortable transition into higher education in the Fall of 2015; that is key to success.  Get into the counseling office ASAP and see what you can do to make that happen.  If you need help with that let me know.

Go here to see  how OHS seniors from c/o 2014 (Survey Monkey Survey) evaluated Senior Current Issues this year.  

2 – Some of the stuff that I know we’ll do next year in 2014/15 Senior Current Issues…We will look at where you’re going to be in the Fall of 2015.  That means we’ll focus in addressing college or training following high school.  That means a college visit (or two), much needed time to work on scholarships, guidance in decision making that can truly effect the rest of your life.  The thing that you are going to be in greatest need of as a senior is “time’.  By using SCI to address that issue of “what comes next” in class – you will not have to slide it off of a very crowded 2014/15 plate.  And believe me you will slide it off of that plate – and you need that time.  Plus you’ll need the money that will come with your scholarship search.

  • We will explore domestic and world issues that come to the forefront next year – some that haven’t even surfaced yet.  We will go with the flow and explore current issues.
  • There is a Fall Election for Governor.  There are also Senate and Representative seats up for re-election.
  • We will look at the world, and in particular we will explore Africa.  We’ll get particularly creative in that discovery.  It’s a fascinating study.
  • We can take on serious issues that land in our lap.  We did that in 2010 with Haiti and in 2003 with Katrina, which spurred fundraisers.  Nelson Mandela and Michael Sam and Pussy Riot provided surprising focus for 2013/14.  Who knows what’s coming around the corner.
  • We will take two Saturday day trips to Chicago by train.  One at Christmas time and one in the Spring.  You can do whatever you want in Chi-town – it’s a great place to roam.
  • Blogs for sure. We will all make one – it will help you with scholarships and finding a job.  It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal.
  • We will watch several  interesting movies.  Some foreign – that explore world issues.  The movie aspect of SCI is one of my favorite parts – and changes annually.  I love edgy movies – and we will go edgy.

3 – Maybe the most important aspect of Senior Current Issues, is that it is the only course at Oakridge that I know of, where students shape the curriculum.  We can go whatever way you want to go in the class.  Your call on what we study…

4 – Do not worry about conflicts with other courses.  Just because SCI is first hour this year does not mean it will be first hour next year.  And if we have enough students sign up we’ll have two classes.  Take the classes that you want to take – let the counselors fix the schedule.  Counselors and administrators (with teacher lobbying) have the responsibility to adjust to your wishes.

5 – Advocate hard for yourself.   Just because somebody says that will not fit in your schedule – make it fit.  Ask questions.  Have your folks get involved with setting up your schedule.  We don’t have an extensive curriculum at OHS – if you want a class (any class) and you work hard enough at it, you’ll get the class.

6 – Any questions...on Senior Current Issues or any class scheduling problems, that I can help with please let me know.

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