Active Reading – How to do it!

Active Reading…

Go here to access three examples of Oakridge student Active Reading.


First, however, let’s talk a bit about active reading in regards to a selection for study.  If you are going to really dig into a passage, you must do it not only with your eyes but with your brain and your pen.  In order to do that, you must make that passage bleed….

What I mean by that is write all over it….

Underline, circle, star – draw a picture – whatever it takes for you to take this reading to a deeper place – do it. This should help you tremendously in understanding the specific passage.  It will also assist you in writing – whether it is an RWE or an IOW or an ACT assignment – more effectively.  It only stands to reason, that if you fully understand the passage then your reflection will be better.  Consequently your grade should rise.  And that’s not just in my class; I think you can use this skill effectively in other courses as well.  At Oakridge and in college.

And don’t forget, it is what you’ll have to do at the next level.  So why not start NOW!

In regards to the assignments in my class, whether it is in Economics or Government or Senior Current Issues – I expect you to attack your reading assignments in this manner.  You will be required with each assignment to turn in your active reading passage for a ten point grade.

Take a look at the three examples that I’ve linked above.

Number one is Sylvia Garza (c/o 2014)  – I know that some of you are anal about messing up the paper, Sylvia has fixed this.  By using the margins and writing legibly she can go back easily and find her notes when writing her reflection; and it’s not a mess.  Take a look at her last post at the bottom of the page – she clearly takes on Wall Mart and labor in the factories – when she goes back to write her reflection she absolutely knows where to go – in order to re-read the passage.

#2 is from Brooke Wilde (c/o 2014) – what I like about Brooke’s post is the emotion.   Look at the end – where she is addressing the quote, “Come on Brothers be real men, kill a school girl,” in regards to Taliban executions of young Pakistani girls… Brooke’s shouting her disgust with the perpetrators – PIG!  She’s read this thing…and she is passionate about it.  Don’t you think she’ll do a good job on the reflection because of that?

The last example is from Emilia Lang (c/o 2014).  She has a cerebral take on the whole thing..some of it is not legible because of the quality of the scan.  That being said – look at what you can read – “education! education! education!”  Pretty clear.  Go up a paragraph where she outlines the problems that a Indian girl going through menstruation has trying to stay in school – “period  = no school = no education – nothing.”   With this kind of input its pretty clear that she’s digging deep into the article?

This is the kind of insight that I want you to bring to your reading – this active reading – this is what you’ll be expected to do at the University.   So…let’s get moving on it today.

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