3/16/13 – Close Up Update

Hey guys Good News / Bad News …Flights Prices are not so good.

Bad News – I guess I just got used to cheap flights in the USA.  We used to fly Close Up for just about $200.  No more.  Airline Monopolies have killed cheap flights.  It looks images-1like the best we can get is $294 out of Detroit.  That’s another $44 for the trip.  I’m sorry…but its not going to get better.  The Final Bill will be $1330 instead of $1289.  The same thing happened with our Selma Flight, but we were able to move it to Chicago and save $200 per ticket.  With DC the Chicago change is only a savings of $30 – not worth the hassle of the drive.  And Grand Rapids is a small fortune.

Good News – we get good flight times in and out, and we have a direct flight. I will however need a second driver to and from Detroit when we go…so be talking to mom and dad.

Good News – the average temp for Washington D.C. in May is 75 degrees.

Good News – Eastern Market Flea Market is very very cool.  We’ll be there.

So…I need $250 at least (all $294 if you can) ASAP – preferably Monday or Tuesday so that I can lock in our tickets before ticket prices go UP.

Talk to me.



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