SCI Exploring Africa Timeline Final Grades

Go here for Timeline grades and upcoming assignments on Exploring Africa project.  Upcoming assignments are also summarized below…

Next step will be a fifty point (Fix it) homework assignment when we return.  All items that need fixing – will have a north-africa-inset-map-of-european-colonies-in-africa-1884-1920-120002-pweek to get it up and get it right.  We’ll have some time in class – a couple of days.  For the most part you just need to make the alterations and run them by me when they are complete.  Two timelines will need to be moved.  T.J. and Alberto – the wind will knock it down.  And Almanda and Ashley – the Digging Deeper pages will block the overhead.

by the way…We’ve been having trouble understanding that the African state borders, as they are currently drawn, are not native to the continent.  The best way to see this is by examining a map like the one above.  British possessions are pink. French possessions are yellow.  Most current state borders don’t yet exist at the time of this map (early 2oth century)- they are created at a later date and are not natural to the history of the African continent.  Do you understand how this situation, with state borders cutting through clans and culture, could fuel all kinds of regional conflicts.  If your country is located in the north – approximate where its borders would fall.  And don’t forget that while not noted on the map, Denmark was by far the most aggressive world power at fostering European imperialism on the African continent – no matter what stories our Danish transfer students tell us.

Digging Deeper – 100 point CA assignment – You will take your three Digging Deepers – and create a one page (front and back) hanger to drop from the original slide.  At the same time change the original slide to an appropriate photo representation of the topic.  You still want to label it, however remove any of the explanation font and include it in the hanger.  As you research deeper into the chosen issues – remember that you will be responsible to present for the final CA assessment below.   I will provide in class time for this assignment.

Digging Deeper Presentations – 100 point CA assignment – Each group will be provided one full class period to take each of their three chosen topics and present to the class.  An hour is a pretty long time – which means you better be prepared – Audio Visual and lecture presentation.  Each participant is required to be involved.  You’ll be graded both by students and by me.  Students will take notes on the presentations and have a final grade open note test on those presentations.  We will run the presentations two per week for four weeks, and include other assignments in the process.  I will let you know when these presentations will take place.

Final Africa Exams 

  • 100 point map test – TBA
  • 100 pint Digging Deeper / ANW Presentation – Open Note Test

Lots of work yet to do on Africa – So get organized / take good notes / fend off Senioritus…

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