The Last King of Scotland

“In like some horrible way he was a puppet come to life, he was like a plaything of the empire that turned images-2around and said “boo!”

Amy Blancolli Houston Chronicle

Go here to find the Google Docs assignment.   Your two major posts must be up by 6:00 PM on Saturday – check your posts for comments and take them to the the end of your thread.  Your thread must be complete by 11:59 PM.  This assignment is worth 50 pts.

For this assignment you must make two substantial posts…  no exact length – but you need to say something with some meat in it  Have a position.  Make  a statement.  And deal with Nicholas and his role in the movie.  You may use him to talk about Amin.  You can talk about Forrest Whitaker.  You can talk about a white man in black Africa in the 1970’s.  You can cover about anything that you want to – Nicholas and his role however, must be included in the post.  And the post most roll off of the posts of others.

Dr. Nicholas Carrigan was a fictional character in the film The Last King of Scotland.  When I first found this out I was angry.  I felt like I had been lied to.  I mean the entire movie, in the back of my mind I’m thinking how in god’s name can a young “wet behind the ears” white Scottish doctor get this close to one of history’s real monsters.  Come on; he shoots the cow.  He trades uniforms with Amin.  He runs around at Amin’s pool party and ends up having sex with one of his wives.  That’s crazy!  And at the end he escapes?  And not just escapes – he gets out in the raid at Entebbe!

And then I find out it’s all a frigging lie.  I felt like I had been taken for a ride.  That first impression of the movie after I had found out – was not only one of disappointment but in a strange way of betrayal.  Whitaker’s portrayal of Amin is so powerful…but my thoughts were of the lies of the doctor, or more specifically the lie of the doctor.  That was probably four years ago.  Since then I’ve seen this movie maybe a half dozen times.  I’ve forgiven the director and the producer and Dr. Carrigan and the portrayal of Amin just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.  Whitaker’s performance is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. 

 In the end…the role of a fictitious doctor is not only forgivable – but I think necessary.

Special Note:  I’ve had some whiny complaints from particular Danish students as to the validity of the above assignment.  I will attempt to clarify.  Take this assignment anywhere you want to take it!  You want to explore Forest Whitiker’s reviews as an actor in the movie…google it and reflect.  I’m sure there’s plenty to read about.  What about Amin’s obsession with Scotland – did it exist?  Did it not?  How many wives did he have?  What about the tortures, the hijacking, all of the stuff that was brought out in the movie – was it real?  Did it matter?  What do you think?  I understand that Denmark hasn’t had the Internet very long – but it’s an amazing tool; you can google almost anything in the world.  If ever a movie covered anything in the world it was this movie.  Go googling link your posts – come up with some kind of insight and make sure to include the Scottish doctor.  I think that all of you bright young laddies and lasses can do this for me.  Hopefully I have alleviated any misunderstandings in the above assignment.  I will see you soon online.  

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