10 Oakridge Students to Girl Rising

Go here for more information on Girl Rising.  Playing at the Cinema Carousel at 7:30 PM on Thursday May 9.

Congratulations to the following individuals who have won tickets to Girl Rising…make sure to get a ride set up early, and use the ticket.  If you end not being able to use it – please contact somebody else in this group (they may have a friend who would like to attend – or a friend of your own) as soon as possible so the ticket does not go to waste.  Thank you for your essays…enjoy the movie.  Change the world!

  • Kelly Snow – 0086
  • Sascha Saleh Ebrahimi – 0085
  • Erin Brault – 0087
  • Lauren Thomas – 0082
  • TeAnna Friday -0088
  • Haley Knight – 0083
  • Sara Musser – 0084
  • Carla Kevern -0089
  • Falisha Burroughs 0090
  • Brooke Wilde 0091


If you would like to buy a ticket to the movie for $10 and you do not have a Visa or Debit card, Mr. Wood would be glad to purchase the ticket for you.  Just bring ten dollars to school and we’ll take care of it.  Please go here to check ticket availability.

PS…I look at the quality of scholarship and intellect of the individuals from Oakridge High School who are attending this screening and I am encouraged that the future of  our planet is good hands.

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