A couple things from D.C.

OK guys…first of all I hope your week with Mr. Brown has been pleasant.  We’ve had a good time in D.C., thank you very much.  I’ve gotten a couple of emails concerning Digging Deeper assignments.  I thought I might touch base with you so that we are on the same page come Monday next.

1 – Please go back to the Digging Deeper directions and make sure that you know what your requirements are.  The Henna example and the Female Circumcision example are both very well done.  Two pages – front different from the back.  Change your title page to a billboard to announce it.  Number page one and page two so that an individual could read front and back and get the idea.  But you must have a front and back.  Check assignment for font size.  You may bullet if you choose…but in the end this thing must be in your words.

These Digging Deepers must be up and hanging when school begins on Monday.

2 – Digging Deeper presentations will begin on Monday when I return.  We will go with Dominque and Nicole and Shelby on Mondaye.  Each should run 12 to 15 minutes.  You need to be prepared to talk about your issue and fill your time slot appropriately.  That means a video maybe to help us understand the topic – but not a video that runs your entire time.  Maybe a minute or two no more.  Allow about five minutes for Q and A.  You three gals need to be ready to go.  For everybody else we will set up a schedule.  Two groups a day until finished.  Make sure that you email me if you have questions.  And Nicole – you must be fully ready to go as well.  That means the entire oral presentation must be typed out so that we can hear it.  You’ll need to play it a couple of times.  And you need some kind of added audio visual.  All audio or visual additions must be que’d up and ready to go.  Your questions will be typed up and submitted to you at the end of the day on Monday so that you can provide answers typed and played on Tuesday.  All groups going second in a day will have a two minute prep time in between group presentations.  These presentations are 100 points per; our final exam will be pulled from these presentations.

3 – Chicago Saturday May 18!  We must have three chaperones in order to be cleared for take-off.  Mr. Lohman can only go on the 18th.  Sorry this is late notice – I had no control.  Please plan accordingly.

4 – Enjoy the sunshine.  I hear you’ve got plenty of it!

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