2014 Economics Final Exam Guidelines

The Final Exam  for Economics will test you in three focus areas.  Part I – Economic Principles and Terms – consists of multiple choice questions.  Part II – College Funding and You is all short answer. Part III – Micro Financing and the role of Women in Fighting World Poverty will consist of turning in two homework assignments on micro financing handed out earlier this week. Each portion of the test counts 100 points.  Please go below for links to podcasts for each of three focus areas.  It would be to your advantage to review the podcasts in each category.  And make sure to complete the two assignments.


  • Part III – Micro Financing and third world poverty
  • For this portion of the exam You must turn in two of the three assignments posted below before taking the exam on Tuesday or Wednesday.   Each assignment will count 50 points for Marking Period #6 grade and count 50% of the Micro Financing portion of the Final Exam.  
  • Assignment #1 – Camfed and Africa Girl Power
  • Assignment #2 – Mohammed Yunnus and the Grameen Bank
  • Assignment #3 – Darko the Chicken Farmer from Ghana

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