Civil Rights Movement – Warming Up – A First Person Perspective

This assignment is worth 100 points and is due next week.  Make sure you do a good job, it will provide the bulk of your homework grade for Marking Period #1.
  • Go here for a PDF copy of the Assignment directions.
  • Go here for a PDF copy to Part One – Foot Soldiers.
  • Go here for a PDF copy to Part Two – Leaders.

One of the advantages of living in the United States is that you have so many unalienable rights.  One of our challenges is that we don’t know that.  Neither do we appreciate the advantage of availability of those rights.  If you know the history of the Civil Rights movement, you will recognize not only your rights under the Constitution, you will also know what it is like for people to stripped of those liberties merely because of the color of their skin.  And if you study the Civil Rights movement in the United States history you will know the sacrifice that people have made in this country to reaffirm those liberties, whatever the cost.

First though you need to get back in the groove.  This assignment will take you there.   On Assignment directions sheet, I’ve noted a Timeline of Events and Leaders of the Movement.  You are to choose two events and two Leaders for your concentration of study..  The choice is up to you…circle the four on this paper and proceed to research them in the following pages.  For Part 1 Foot Soldiers your insight is from no particular perspective – just a random person.  For Part II The Leaders of the movement that perspective is from your chosen individual.

You may use the forms that I have provided you for this assignment…or you can choose to type it (google docs or not) and hand it in that way.  Your call.  We will be in the computer lab for at least three days…use your time wisely.

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