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Hey guys…your blogs are coming along well.  I have a concern; as I was going through all of your stuff, I got to thinking that’s a lot of personal information out there on the web.  What we need to do is scale back the home info….so don’t provide a home address or a home phone on your blog…not now anyhow, not while you are in high school.  I think when you graduate that is fine, necessary actually.   Keep a copy of your personal resume with that information on it, to give to perspective employers.  However, on your blog, and your resume, use your blog address and email address for return information.

You can also use Oakridge High School – 5493 E Hall Road – Muskegon, MI 49442.

There’s creepers out there…don’t be paranoid.  Just be smart.  I think these changes are probably necessary.

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