Congratulations to the following individuals who earned an “A” on last week’s Government Exam – “The origins and foundations of government of the USA.”

First please consider our very own Brienna Ferguson’s take on Public Policy and Public Interest in the USA.  Exam Essay #1 – well done citizen.

“Public interest and public policy are supposed to go hand-in-hand nicely.  Public interest is the way that people feel about every single thing that directly or indirectly effects them and the world in which they live.  It could  how they feel about taxes to how they feel about Syria’s dictator; its everything that goes on in their minds.  Public policy is used by the government to protect rights given to them by their God and to keep them safe.  It’s all the laws that the government creates.  In the USA’s case its all the laws of the federal and state governments.  Public policy is supposed to reflect the public interest. This is impossible to get everyone’s way because not everyone is 100% on everyone else’s page.  Ideally this works best when people of a democracy make educated votes on all of the people and issues that effect them.  In the United States however this is especially hard to do because we have such a diverse population, and they all have different views based on their culture and background.

The relationship between the public interest and public policy is not healthy in this country, because the people of the USA think the government is sovereign.  They feel as if there is no controlling the government.  The only way we are going to get a better relationship between the people and the government is if the people tell the government, “that’s the way its going to be!” The people can do this by protesting, by calling their congressman, by petitioning the government  But the #1 way to do this is to VOTE! 

Voting is maybe one of the easiest ways to get your voice heard.  Your voice can say, “Yes I like it,” or “No, I don’t,” but either way its getting heard.  Whether you win or your lose you will be heard!” 

  • 101% – Jacob Dynes – A+
  • 101% – Ashton Sower – A+
  • 100% – Jordan Fairchild – A+
  • 98% – Julian Cook
  • 92% – Clint Bollin
  • 92% – Brienna Ferguson


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