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The key to the effectiveness of your A.C.T! group is your knowledge base.  Some of you are extremely passionate about the issue that you’ve chosen.  That’s not enough.  You cannot hope to be influential in huge-1-8461-jpgmaking change in this world  if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

So, it’s imperative in this initial information search that you look hard for five good news stories.  First you must go to legitimate sources…see the list below.  Secondly, you need to tap into a wide breadth of  issues that cover your topic.  In order to succeed on the first two fronts you’re going to have to dig deeper than  your initial google launch.  Googling inside of news sights and outside on Google takes work.  Be creative in your searches and look hard at the quality of articles you’ve found.  When you land on five as a group…make sure that each of the five brings something substantial to the table.  You will be graded on the quality of the article and legitimacy of the source.  And bank good articles for the next marking period; you’ve got five more coming.

Next is active reading.

Go here for examples.  You need to take that article apart mentally and physically… in order to really dig into a passage, you must do it not only with your eyes but with your brain and your pen.  To do that, you must make that passage bleed….What I mean by that is write all over it; underline, circle, star – draw a picture – whatever it takes for you to take this reading to a deeper place – do it. This should help you tremendously in understanding the specific passage.  It will also assist you in writing – whether it is an RWE or an IOW or an ACT assignment – more effectively.  It only stands to reason, that if you fully understand the passage then your reflection will be better.

And then write it up!

This is what I mean by a well written, deep and reflective evaluation.  Take a look at the comments noted on the post, notice the depth of writing and passion of the reflection.  Share your work with one another in order to check it for accuracy and depth.  Make sure that you are all on the same page with format.  And make that due date – Thanksgiving.

Final grade for this portion of the assignment will take into account the quality of the articles, the reflection of the evaluations and depth of the Active Reading in each of five chosen articles.

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