Nicole Depender Congrats on the 25!

…for re-taking your ACT from 22 to 25.  

The ACT will never fully define your educational value.  That being said, in this standardized “brick in a wall” we-have-to-measure-everything-in-the-classroom world, your final score has significance; fortunately not nearly as much as some think.


I’ve always believed that your ACT score opens doors; seldom does it close them.  You don’t even need the test to get into MCC.   In addition I’ve seen a lot of low ACT scores overcome by high GPA’s to gain university acceptance.  Public universities are looking for more than a test taker, even if public schools seem to think otherwise.  Your attitude, your effort, your intelligence, your extra-curriculars, your GPA trends, volunteering and sports participation and clubs and blogs and an ability to write a compelling essay – are all as significant or more vital in taking the next step, than your standardized ACT final tally.  I would also say that they are a lot more reflective of predicting success at that next level.

What your ACT score does is open you up to more financial aid.  With that in mind it makes sense to re-take the test once.  Look, you are a junior in a high school classroom the first time you take the test.  Second time around its nearly a year later and you’re taking it in a more test friendly environment; probably at MCC in larger and quieter venue.  I’ve never thought of a crowded high school classroom a good testing atmosphere.  Plus, you learn a lot of information in the five months of school between test one and test two.  And finally, you’re a different person, hopefully more mature, and you may handle stress in an entirely more effective manner the second time around.  Those things alone, a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast may improve your original score.

So, take it a second time – your score cannot go down.  They use the highest of the two…and then just let the chips fall where they fall.  Don’t get  cocky if your soaring into the thirties but you don’t have a GPA.  And certainly, if your scores are lagging don’t get down on yourself.

Nicole Depender is going to make a fine Physician’s Assistant some day.  It’s not because she raised her ACT score three points.  It’s because of character, drive, work ethic, and a host of intangibles.  The 25 however, might make the cost of that adventure a little more affordable.


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