SCI end of the MP Assignments…

Senior Current Issues students please provide Mr. Wood the following:

#1 – (Americans) – print out your goals list that we compiled from the interview earlier this Marking Period, take a pen and write out what you’ve done to accomplish those goals.   Provide me a letter grade that you think you should get on the fifty point assignment.  I will take your input into consideration in grading you.  This is due in my hands by the end of the day.

#2 – (Internationals) – two blog posts by Sunday night 11:59 PM.  This will finalize your required postings for your blog.  Nice job guys – your American Experience posts have been thoroughly enjoyable.

#3 – (All students) CA goals are noted here.  Make sure that your blog is up to date in regards to all of the requirements.  You must make a post on your blog (Senior Current Issues Blog grade) that I will read by Thursday and I will grade you on a 100 point Common Assessment in regard to following through on the blog requirements.  If you do not currently have a podcast, say so on the post.   If you intend to do a podcast this weekend, note it on that  post and hand it to me on a flash drive first thing Monday morning in MP3 or MP4 format if you want credit.  If you are able to link your podcast to your blog – tell me that on the post as well.  After I grade and comment on this post you may remove it from your blog if you wish to.

#4 – (All students) Cider House Rules Assignment is due posted to Google Docs by 11:59 PM Wednesday November 27.

Have a nice Thanksgiving all.  See you next week.

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