A.C.T. Word of the WEEK!

In an effort to raise your ACT scores above 48, and since you have no chance at all to be successful in life Unknown-1without an ACT score in the upper tenth percentile of the world, and due to the fact that Michigan teachers no longer are involved in the creation of public policy that guides the goals of public education in Michigan, and since that duty has been  replaced by lifelong politicians whose single ambition is re-election made possible by anonymous corporate lobbyist donations, and because the United States is a democracy guided by an uninformed and un-involved electorate, and because Finland and South Korea and Poland as well as thirteen other nations are doing a better job at educating their kids than we are, things like the memorization of the meaning of random words on nation wide multiple choice tests have become a common classroom feature – s0 we will be instituting in Mr. Wood’s class an A.C.T. “Word of the Week.”

In addition you can add to that list facitious – treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.  Synonyms – flip, glib, frivolous, tounge-in-cheek, ironic, sardonic…

Good lucks kids…enjoy your enigmatic role as “another brick in the wall.”

Go below for our “Word of the Week” podcast and  here for more fascinating ACT vocabulary information.

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