Make a Difference; Pick up the phone, sign a petition…

Please go here and read “Albanian mom with 3 American children to be deported today.”   Cile Precetaj – pronounced (CHEE’-leh preh-CHEH’=tye).

bildeCome holiday season…we get caught up in a lot of unnecessary stuff….not all of it, just a lot of it. Thanksgiving reminds us of family, about who is important in our lives, to make sure that they know that, and that we do what we can to help them live a life of contentment. Christmas…I”m not exactly sure what that is anymore. Either way we all have problems that complicate the holidays; stuff that can make this time of the year difficult. Regardless, however tuff, our lives for the most part, work; we can fix things.

Its not so simple in other parts of the world…and as this article will reveal – its not always easy here either. However dysfunctional it may be we live in a democracy. And although our representatives pay little constructive attention to things like health care and immigration and education – stuff that they could fix if they worked collaboratively and even though we let them off the hook time and again…they still must listen to “We the People” if we make them listen.

Personal pleas regarding issues that affect particular human beings – stuff where Representatives don’t have to toe the party line, things that they can fix by just picking up the phone – those things we still can pressure them to act upon.  And on those issues they still pay attention.  Well, please take a look – read the article, its in Michigan – and please pick up the phone on this one.

You are not a refugee…you have a home. Everybody should have a home.

Senator Levin – (202) 224-6221
Senator Stabenow – (202) 224-4822
Rep Bill Huizinga – (202) 225-4401
Senator Geoff Hansen – (517) 373-1635
Governor Snyder – (517) 373-3400
Rep Colleen Lamonte – (517) 373-3436

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