Create your own Close UP / Selma promo flyer

Contact Mr. Wood at or (616) 402-8668 if you want to make your own flyer.

An effective way to get the word out to friends and family, teachers, and financial contributors is by creating your own promotional0001sn flyer.  You make your side of the flyer; Mr. Wood will do the other side.  We back-to-back them, in color and send you out into the world to spread the word.  Mr. Wood’s side of the flyer (to the right) deals with Close Up the organization, and a history of Oakridge Close Up travels or the Selma, Alabama trip and what that entails.  Your side deals with you.

Why do the flyers? – Adults want young people involved in their government, in their world.  I think they are willing to support you financially, but they want to know that you aren’t just looking for a handout.  By creating a flyer, you are proving your worth.  You are putting forth the effort.  And that resonates with people.  So don’t just hand it to them…know it.  Talk it.  Feel it.  And convince those who you meet you are a worthy investment, and that supporting you financially is a down payment on the future of this nation.

How to use the flyers? – If you are collecting pop cans (which by the way is great way to raise money) go to the door, ask for donations, and hand a flyer to the individual – ask them to please place your flyer on the refrigerator as reminder that you’ll be back for more cans at later dates.  When you talk to relatives or teachers asking for their support – give them a flyer.  They want to know that you are working towards this goal.  If you sell candy or leave candy at a spot for sale – leave  flyers, carry flyers.  You need to promote both Close Up or the Bridge Crossing Jubilee and your efforts to get to D.C.  if you really want folks to support you.

How to make the flyer?  Go here for a PDF of Mr. Wood’s version for Close Up – this will serve as one side of your flyer  Your production is the flip side.  You want to create two text boxes.  Box one – YOU – who are you?  What are you all about?  Box two – why do YOU want to go to Close UP (or Selma)…What do you hope to find there?  Go searching online for photos and quotes and images that reflect your expectations for our journey.  Get that information to me, come on in after school and we can create your flyer on my computer.  If you know how to put it together, then do it on your own and send Mr. Wood a PDF or jpeg of your production.   We’ll run em off, back-to-back, in color  – carry ’em wherever you go.



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