Audioboo – A Podcast for your Blog

Hey guys check this out – an easy way for you to post a podcast to your blog.  Go here for the audioboo link – register for the site.  Doesn’t cost you a thing…and you already know thanks to Edward Snowden that the government listens all the time and knows everything about you – so that shouldn’t matter.  Sign up.  Play around with the sight.  Make a 3:00 audioboo recording like the one I did above.  Get the embed code and post it to your blog.

See if you can do it on your own. If not, I’ll help you out next week.  We can change grades on the blog for podcasts (20 points)  which may or may not raise your (MP#2 final blog grade) which may or may not raise your second marking period final grade.  If it does, I’ll bump it up.

See what you can do with this thing.  It’s pretty cool.  And really easy.

See you soon.

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