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Two things for Senior Current Issues…

Trying something new here guys…Blendspace.  It’s a website that allows you to organize an entire unit.  I gotta believe it will really help you all because it combines our online study into a single post and allows you to not only work your way through the unit at your own pace, but also to look ahead, and easily access past information.

Secondly, the Blendspace focus is on Immigration (Immigration from Latin America).  I’ve linked some investigative journalism – video and written, that will be a focus for our study.  We will also watch the movie Sin Nombre – take a look at the trailer.

Finally, I’ve used an audioboo podcast to explain Blend Space.  Give it a shot.  Open up the buddha blog in a separate window and follow me here on audioboo.  I’ve tried to walk you through this process as simply as I can.  I think it’ll work.

Let me know your thoughts…  Thanks.

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