Let’s start pressing our Representatives!

In the final MP, A.C.T! groups will contact their Reps…
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  • Please go here for MP guidelines.
  • Please go here for Letter Writing Guidelines.
  • Please go here for a list of your elected represenatives.
  • Take a look at some solid examples…  Ashley Weaver Kaily Parks
  • Please go here for Calling Congress 101.
  • Please go here for Federalism test chart.
  • Don’t forget you have ACT articles to compile.  One per group member.

The reasons you write these letters will vary…

  • learn more about the issue.
  • assert political pressure on elected representatives.
  • influence the voting public.
  • solidify ties with like minded organizations.
  • send a challenge to organizations that conflict with your Mission.

This portion of the assignment will be via US mail or the Internet.

Every A.C.T! member must write a least one letter.   And the group one letter.  So a group of two will do three.   A group of three will do four and so on.  We will learn how to write a quality letter.  You will have various guidelines to go by.  All letters must be 12 point font, with 1 inch margins, and typed.  You may submit letters via E-mail, however E-mail letters, like regular mail, must be okayed for sending by Mr. Wood.  I will NOT clear a letter that has any misspelled words, or does not convey what I think is a coherent message.  You may run the letters by me as many times as you wish.  When a letter is cleared it counts 100%.  If it is not cleared by due date that letter counts 0% no matter how many times you’ve rewritten the letter.

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