FINAL due dates for Government 2013/14

OK – guys here you go – adjusted due dates for Government class final two weeks.  Check links for specific information.

A.C.T!  Work –  for MP #3 are all individualized.  You work on your group selected issue but your grade is YOU ONLY.  Your grade for the project in marking period #3 consists of two assignments.  Make sure that you run these reflections by me regularly – over and over again.  They need to be complete – they count 50% of your ACT MP grade and 50% of your Final.

  • News Article – actively read and reflected on in the appropriate format.
  • Letter to your representative.  Make sure you use appropriate format.
  • Turn in group notebook with your two assignment by Tuesday January 21.
  • Calling Congress 101 – Fri (17), Sat (18), Sun (19).

FINAL Exam Wed January 22 – we will take a CA on the day of the final.  This will be taken in the computer lab…it will however not count as the final – like I said it is a Common Assessment.  The Final will consist of two parts.

  • 50% of your final will be your News Article reflection above
  • 50% of your final will be your Federalism chart test.  Make sure that you know it!


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