Civil Rights – Two and Two / Blendspace Survey

Assignment due posted to Google docs by 11:59 PM Wednesday February 26.  One posting per group.  Bring a hard copy to class (one per student) on Thursday.   Fifty point assignment.

We’ve spent the Marking Period looking closely at US Citizens rights protected under the Constitution; we’ve concentrated on Amendment 14 and the rights (or lack there of) for Southern black citizens.  We’ve also looked closely at how the Supreme Court dealt with these rights in the issuance of two landmark decisions – Plessy vs Fergusen (1896) and Brown vs Board of Education (1954).

The Brown decision launches the Civil Rights Movement.  Without it, there’s no legal basis for the non-violent movement to reach success in the courts.  For it to change American society success in the courts was essential.  What I want you to do now – is survey pieces of the movement that I’ve linked in the Blendspace below.  Each of the links – represents a significant event.  With a partner choose two (thirty minutes on each) of those posted below and do the following:

  1. Watch it and talk about it
  2. Make notations on everything that you learned
  3. Evaluate the event thru Amendment 14 (what was its effect?)
  4. Evaluate the event thru Brown v Board (what was its effect?)
  5. Turn in your posted notes to Mr. Wood on Google Docs
  6. Bring a hard copy to class on Thursday.  Be ready to talk.

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