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GapMinder and Africa… OK, lets get familiar with each.  Go to  Get familiar with the website.  Explore it.  The information is based on reliable sources.   Go to the Data Page.  519 entries compare nation states around the world on all sorts of situations.  Browse through the list of indicators.  Next check out  visualize graphs at the end of the  line.  This is where I would like you to land.  Go to one (anyone) it loads a graph.  Above the graph is a little light bulb that tells you “how to use.”   Please watch three minute video.  

Another way to explore is by opening the data blog on the list of indicators.  This section provides the latest updates of charts and topics.  It’s a good way for you to browse and come up with comparison ideas. Finally, I want you to just go out and explore thesite, through your chosen  African Country.  How you  do that is up to you…however, I will give you a few parameters to move forward.  Pick ten graphs…be prepared to discuss why you chose the graphs you chose.

Your first two choices are mine… go back to the site where you found data and choose videos instead.  Column #2 – second one down “ 200 countries, 200 years, 4 minutes.”  It is also linked above; go find it on the site, there are others there as well.   This is really interesting; please watch it.  Then choose any other video in the list.  Watch that one as well.   You are ready to explore your African state.

Your assignment is to summarize seven experiences.  Begin with the 200 year country video as number one.  Take your second video as number two.   Talk about each one; tell me what you learned…that’s all.  Make it at least 200 words.  For your other five choices use the data blog or search for your topic – any topic and concentrate on its impact on your African state.  Watch it…think about it.  Compare it with the USA, Germany, Poland, or Ghana – whatever country you come from.  And talk to me… When you write up your assignment do the following…

  1.  I want to know why you chose the topic that you did.
  2. Try to predict what will happen with the bubbles.
  3. What happened to your African state  in the process?
  4. Anything else you may notice about the world in the process.

I realize some of you have unequal access at home online.  So, the assignment is due posted to me on google docs by Monday night 11:59 PM.  That will give you plenty of time to get it up.  If you post it before school on Monday I will bump your grade up 10% – and you can get moving on our next Exploring Africa segment.

While you may work with your partner…and talk to your partner, this is an individual assignment.  It is worth 70 points.

  • Taylor & Fuk – Somalia
  • Emilia – Zimbabwae
  • Kim & Chelsea – Morocco
  • Devon & Meaghan – South Africa
  • Kelly & Vickie – Egypt
  • James & Brooke – Congo
  • Jerrick & Nana – Ghana
  • Axel & Morgun – Nigeria
  • Michael & Nicole – Kenya
  • Kornelia & Merle – Tunisa
  • Dominique – Rwanda
  • Travis – Sierra Leone
  • Tim – Chad

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