Africa Fishline Timelines – Up and Summarized by Tuesday WITH RIGOR!

Guys…you are high school seniors.  Next year, you’re going to college.  I’ve handed out this assignment for five years.  I know what is a good effort and what is not.  I’ve provided you clear guidelines and a reasonable rubric.Africa_future

You’ve had plenty of time to put this thing together – and that doesn’t include time at home.  You have an entire nation state at your disposal.  DIG! Find out what makes that country tick.  What is interesting, historical, good, bad, or ugly about your chosen country?  And then hang it!  It’s gotta be up and swinging by the end of the day on Tuesday.  I’ll be there til 5:00 PM.

You are going to be required to follow this rubric.  I expect you to walk me through that timeline and answer every single question that I have – you may do so at anytime before or after school or during third period on Monday or Tuesday of this week.  And I will press you (both of you) for answers.  So, be prepared.

You will also be required to create a Pecha Kucha – 20 slides for 20 seconds – on that state, upon my return from Close Up.  You are going to really have to know your stuff.

I don’t mean any disrespect, but this is not a sixth grade “copy from the encyclopedia” book report on Dragonflies.  If you don’t know why you are placing something on that timeline, then don’t put it up there!  And if you put it up there, make sure that it deserves to be.  This is a nation state we are talking about.  Each has a long rich history.  I’ve asked you to concentrate on the twentieth and twenty first century.  All you got to do is read.   If I give you feedback on your first draft – don’t take it personally.  Learn from it and improve that final product.

Be organized.  Practice your presentation. The clock is a ticking.


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