Close Up – Thank You’s & Video Vignettes

Hey guys…we got some important follow up stuff to do.

  • Thank you letters.
  • Thank you postcards
  • And I need to make a couple of video vignettes so kids understand next years trip a little better.

Please go here for all information.  And come in and sign up and pick up the post cards in Mr. Woods room.  Please don’t lose steam on this – a lot of people did a lot of good things for us.  We owe them a Thank You!

And I wouldn’t mind having a short video vignette with somebody’s parents – that would help as well.  If anybody’s mom and dad are interested…please let me know.  These videos will be less than five minutes long.  Touch a topic and set it up in a Blend Space.

Stop by my room Tuesday and Wednesday.  And I’ll have a meeting during Channel One on Wednesday.

Thanks.  Mr Wood

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