OHS c/o 2014 Graduation

Congratulations to the OHS c/o 2014.  It’s been a nice run for you all…and now its on to bigger and better things.  Your entire life lies before Teacher with Her Young Painting Studentsyou.  So much to see; so much to do.  And a world that badly needs your passion and intelligence.  Please do your part, however small, to leave this planet a safer and more hospitable place for those who follow you.  Enjoy the run.  Be mindful.

I will be sitting in the stands on Sunday.  Since I started at OHS in 1991, I have attended all but two of the Oakridge High School graduations.  My feelings concerning this decision are mixed; I love taking part in commencement and paying respect to the young people we have enjoyed, learned from, and inspired over the past four years.  There are many in this senior class who I feel close to.  I’ve labored on this decision for a while and feel compelled to explain my reasons.  Below you will find my letter to the Oakridge staff; it will detail the reasons why I am not participating in graduation ceremonies.  I believe the issues highlighted in that letter are vital to the success of  future graduates at Oakridge High School and the well being of the future of public education in the state of Michigan.

While I will not be on the floor during graduation, I will most assuredly be thinking of you all.

…and blowin my air horn and clanging my cow bell.

Please go here to find my letter to OHS Staff.

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