Mr. Wood’s Teaching Philosophy and Classroom Guidelines for 2014/15

Please go here to access Mr. Wood’s Teaching Philosophy and Classroom Guidelines for the 2014/15 school year.

Online work – This year we will often blend online work into Government, Economics, and Senior Current Issues.  With the availability of more chrome books,and school wide wireless access,  the Internet is more available than its ever been.  That’s a good thing.  Google Docs discussion, blog access and creation, as well active reading of current journalism will be a regular feature of all three classes.  Consequently, it is important that you consider the following guidelines to increase your potential of online success…

  • Please go here for access to Tips for Online Learning.
  • Please go here for access to guidelines for Google Docs Debates.
  • Please go here for access to guidelines for IOW, RWE, ACT active reading and reflective writing.

A Final Thought about me (Mr. Wood)… My primary directive is to provide an environment in which all kids can excel.  To do that, I provide a fairly solid structure to the classroom.  Since I expect you to conduct yourselves appropriately in my classroom, and since some individuals struggle with self-control, and since I will land on the side of the many in regard to the educational rights of the few, there is a tendency for various students to struggle with their adjustment to my style of teaching.  This transition can sometimes be a bit contentious.  Rest assured, I will not provide you an unlimited chance to “get your act together”; that becomes disruptive to those who follow the rules and who seek a solid education.

However, the links below may help.

In 2013 some personnel and professional challenges spurred me to ask for letters of support from past students.  Many kids rallied for me.  Not all were “A” students.  In fact many had flunked a marking period, a semester, some even an entire course.   Below, I’ve linked three letters from three Oakridge graduates who struggled early to adjust to my teaching style.   Each was successful in the end, because they persevered not only with the material but with me.  Each of these young people knows full well the value of an education.  I truly respect each of them for working through their issues with me and for allowing me to post their letters, in an effort to better help you to adjust.  Please consider these individual circumstances as you make your way through the 2014/15 school year.

Thank you…Mr. Wood

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