Civil Rights Podcasts – “Amendment #14, Brown, and Plessy”

We will use the 14th Amendment as a blueprint for study of the rights endowed to you by your creator.  We will explore the contractual Unknown-2responsibility of the United States government to United States citizens, in regards to protection of those rights, as documented in the Constitution.  You will be tested on memorization and full explanation of section one of Amendment #14.  We will rely on #14 as a foundational study for the American Civil Rights movement and for examination of judicial review in regards to the United States Supreme Court.  By interpreting Amendment #14, through the prism of current civil and human rights issues, we will add a contemporary element to our study of Amendment #14. 

In short – the full comprehension of Amendment #14 is vital to this course.  So know it!

Go here for access to Civil Rights Blendspace Production.

Podcasts highlighted in blue…

Below I have recorded audio podcasts to help you better understand the 14th Amendment and the historical context in which it was added to the Constitution. Most are  between two and four minutes long. These terms will serve as a core for unit comprehension and exams.  Each is also listed in the classroom on the front whiteboard and will be targeted for class discussion.  When I place a numeral that corresponds to a particular class hour next to the term on the front board, I will assume that all students in that particular class hour understands the term.  Any student can veto my decision by simply raising their hand and asking for a clarification.   We will continue to work through the definition until that student is comfortable with the term.  However, once the class hour numeral is on the board, quizzes will be drawn from the corresponding term.   All quizzes are two terms 10 point essay answers (twenty point total) and are based on a working understanding of the word; that means you’ll be answering in essay format.

Please go here to find a copy of Amendment 14.  You are responsible for memorization of Section #1 only.

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