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Go here for Mr.Wood’s podcasts defining the Civil Rights Movement.

In the following Blendspace I have linked 20 events for our study of the American Civil Rights Movement beginning with Amendment 14.  We will touch briefly on some, and dig in deep on others.  For you to gain a thorough understanding of this critical period in American History and American Government, watch (and read) each of the following.

You’ll notice from the sections below a wide array of sources.  I have included critical documents; Amendment 14, Look Magazine’s 1956 interview with the killers of Emmett Till, a 2006 Sports Illustrated story on the Little Rock High School’s 1957 #1 nationally ranked high school football team.  Billie Holiday’s live rendition of Strange Fruit is located here.  Most of the rest of the space is dedicated to one brief youtube video of each event.

An advantage of Internet access is that everybody can post their own audio-video creation of historical events online.  And everybody can access them.  That’s also a problem because some of the material is woeful.  Each of the links that I’ve provided I’ve viewed and approve of.  They range from a  9th grader’s wonderful presentation on the Little Rock Nine to PBS, American Experience, and History Channel short documentaries.   Walter Cronkite’s announcement of the assassination of Dr. King and Robert F. Kennedy’s impromptu Indianapolis speech that night complete the Blendspace.  Please watch each of those links.  Most of the videos are under five minutes and serve as an introduction to the event.  Dig deeper and you will find more.

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