I just want you to think…

Assignment due posted to Google Docs – Saturday September 6 – 11:59 PM.

The Death of Kajieme Powell…

that’s all.  Open your eyes, wake up and think.  This issue of white cop on black man is complicated.  It’s all wrapped up in poverty and guns, and education, and crime and mental illness and a disconnect between community and those who are sworn to protect that community.

We will not solve this problem in a couple of assignments in Senior Current Issues.  We can however ask ourselves questions.  And at the end of the day…that’s the only way to begin to find answers.  Please, this is your world.  Wake up – pay attention.  Care about it.  Question it.  Think about it.  The world that you inherit will be shaped in large measure by your combined efforts today.  You need to care to shape it well; and you cannot do that unless you are AWAKE.

For this assignment, I’d like to hear some final thoughts that you have on the death of Kajeime Powell.  Lets do a Google Docs post – to me by Saturday, September 6 11:59 PM.  Requirements below…

  • Free write – Powell’s death will be serve as focus – you can move in any direction that you choose.
  • Pull at least one quote from the sources that we read.  Cite source, and quote.
  • Word target –  400 words.
  • Go in whatever direction you would like to go with this one.
  • At the end – Ask a rhetorical question.  

Also – Getting to Know You Survey and Welcome to Senior Current Issues.


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