SCI – Active Reading / Reflective Writing

Assignment due at the beginning of class on Monday, September 22. 

We have looked hard at three issues – The death of Kajieme Powell, Life in the Calcutta Brothels, and the cost of higher education in the USA.  Each of these include  aspects that demand a deeper look.  I want you for this assignment to choose one of three and dig in.  I don’t really care where you go, just that you take it deeper.  So – run your article choice by me first – and make sure there is some kind of link to the original post.

I want you to search where you want to search!  Your choice.  However, that effort needs to be substantial.  So, make sure to follow the linked guidelines to Active Reading and Reflective Writing.  Pairs are fine.  However, if you do work in pairs make sure that both individuals do an Active Reading assignment.

Please go here for Active Reading and Reflective Writing Guidelines.

I would really like the  new students, foreign exchange students and non 2013/14 Econ / Gov students to work alongside somebody who has used our active reading format before, however that isn’t a requirement.

The Active Reading assignment is 20 points.  The Reflective Writing assignment is 80 points.  The assignment is due hard copy by Monday September 22 or posted to google docs by that date.   Please contact me if you have questions.


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