The Cider House Rules – Senior Current Issues

Loneliness, in fact, is the main subject of The Cider House Rules — that and the notion that people shouldn’t live by rules or destinies prescribed for them by others. Of course, isolation and independence are the yin and yang of living one’s own life, and the places in The Cider House Rules — an orphanage/clinic, an apple orchard — are proudly divorced from the societies they serve. People stay in these places because they have nowhere else to go, and they might as well be someplace where people care whether they live or die. At the orphanage, lives are saved and put on a shelf for possible later adoption. At the orchard, apples are picked and turned into cider, or shipped out into the world like orphans.

by Robert Gonsalves

Senior Current Issues Essay – 400 words minimum – due to Mr Wood’s school account google docs by  Sunday Oct 19, 11:59 PM.

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Prompt – As Mr. Rose lies dying,  he says…”sometimes you gotta break the rules in order to put things straight.”  This film is filled with breaking rules and putting things straight.  So many of the characters, for whatever reason, broke rules and set things straight.  Talk to me about those characters and those rules and their lives….  Instead of a list – how bout you do some deep reflective thinking and tell me WHY…


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