Teddy Bear’s Porcupine Halloween Feast – and Senior Current Issues

Kelly Locke an ex-student sent me Teddy Bear’s Porcupine Halloween Feast this weekend.  I watched it and I thought of our first hour Senior Current Issues class.  I’ve been reading your Mindfulness experiments all day long…what a joy to read them.  Your weekends sound mindful.  To take a cup of tea from the bubbles off the pot all the way through to the scent of the berries, and feel of the steam of the cup, to find your family in an orange or a big ole strapping Oak Tree – and to hug it for twenty minutes. Nature called out to many of you in such a mindful manner and on such beautiful weekend.  And the Friday night lights of an Oakridge football game – the marching band and pre game rituals.  Guys, thank you for sharing your experiences with me.  All of them and I’m only half way through them.

I’ve never had Senior Current Issues class so in tuned to daily meditation and the light of a candle.  I think we will start many days this school year with calm mindful meditation.

And I am sure that you all will appreciate the mindfulness in which Teddy Bear enjoys his pumpkin feast.


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