Focus #2 (GOV) – Origins of American Government

Go here for Focus Question #2 Origins of American Government.  This assignment is due Thursday November 13 at the beginning of class is worth 50 points. 

We are going to dig into the roots of the creation of  American government.  In that process we will look particularly close at the  principles that base the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration is our founding document.  It’s an inspiring piece of literature.  If we measure our current government to the promises incorporated in that document you’ll find in many ways we continue to come up short;  mostly because of a lack of inspiration on the part of “We the People.”  So lets study the reasons for our separation from England and our written justification for that break…and as always think about how the 14th Amendment will eventually be incorporated into this founding.  Finally weigh the relationship between today’s challenges and the past.  There is much to compare.


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