Ferguson and Beyond – A Blendspace Production

  • 12/18 (11:59 PM) – Blendspace online (including final PDF)
  • 30 pt total –  Reflection on the death of Michael Bell Jr. – see google classroom. Project grade.
  • 20 pt total – printed and linked information search (binder 12/16) – Project grade.
  • 100 pt total – Final Blendspace (project) grade.
  • Unarmed people of color killed by police 1999 to 2014
  • Go here for a nationwide data bank on police reports.  From Helena.

Please go here for our blog introduction to this Problem with Police Brutality in the United States…  In regard to your binder and print journalism study of the issue, I want you to find EVERYTHING.   Don’t just search for the Blendspace.  I expect you to canvass the entire Internet; past and  present.  Coverage of the issue, from local and national sources  is of the essence.  Find the Police Report; read it.  If there are Facebook sights involved – find them.  Editorials that focus on your issue are significant as well.  And send me an email with a final listing of all video and audio  links that you have accumulated for research on the topic.  You will recieve a pre-Blendspace 50 point grade based on how thorough you are at accumulating information.

Go here for an excellent report about police brutality ten years back in Kenosha, Wisconsin and a fathers search for justice in his son’s death.   If you don’t have a particular issue for study…you might want to give this a try.  Everybody should read it.

  • Tamir Rice / Cleveland – Brieanna Ferguson & Ivy Lewis
  • Jordan Miles / Pittsburgh – Kaitlyn Mclain & Kendall Vogel
  • Santiago Hernandez /NYC –  Paula Shay and Travis Dalum
  • John Wrana Jr / Chicago – Ashley & Melinda
  • Jonathan Ferrell/North Carolina – Anna & Jackie
  • Milton Hall / Michigan – Helena & Tyler
  • Sean Groubert / South Carolina – Maria & Petra
  • Amadou Diallo / NYC – Madeliene Stenholm
  • Keith Vidal / North Carolina – Sara & Sarah
  • Michael Brown / Ferguson, MO – Kaleb Kerkstra & Laura Dinse
  • Eric Garner / NYC – Brock & Jordon
  • Michael Bell / Kenosha, WI – Shelbie & Elisabeth
  • Kahreem Tribble / NYC – Kelton & Shannon
  • Rodney King / LA, CA – Carla & Mariah
  • Rekia Boyd / Chicago – Paula Shay
  • Rumain Brisbon/Phoenix AZ   Atreau & Charlie
  • Kajamie Powell / St Louis – Mr. Wood

Below, find Blendspace guidelines for your Assignment in regard to the issue above.

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