Police Brutality in the USA – podcast conclusion…

Make sure to direct viewers to slide #2 – so that they can find the individual blendspace productions that take on each separate incident.

We’ve done a really good job on this Assignment.  Let’s put a cherry on top of the sundae…   We have three days on the computers to create and record.  We will also be transferring original podcasts to youtube.  So plan time accordingly.

This Assignment will be due posted by Monday February 2 – class time.  This is a fifty point assignment,  We will vote for the best podcast to represent the assignment…

  1. Gold Medal use the post and directors get 10% bump on MP grade
  2. Silver Medal – directors get 7% bump on MP grade.
  3. Bronze Medal – directors get 5% bump on MP grade.

Each group is to record an introductory podcast for the Blendspace.  The podcast saved in MP3 format should cover the following guidelines

  • 2:00 to 4:00 minutes in length
  • Discuss the assignment – why we took it on as a class
  • Discuss your personal experience with the assignment – maybe yours or somebody else’s that touched you.
  • Discuss the lay out of the final blendspace that an individual would be looking at when listening to you.
  • Discuss what you hope will be gained from looking through this issue and Blendspace
  • Bring your own personal touch to the production.

I will use your MP3 as a audio basis of a Camtasia creation that will provide video overview of the final Blendspace.  What that means is I will create the video to pair with your audio and link it to youtube as lead space in the Blendspace.  Your audio will talk about the final faced Blendspace – so if you would like to identify anything within that space go here

Remember square one will be a Camtasia video with our chosen audio.  Square two will be a PDF of all of the individual Blendspaces – with links on the page.  So you may want to mention that in your podcast.


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