SCI Travel Destinations…


Please go here to find itinerary for assignment.  Below you will find SCI’s travelers and working itineraries.  These itineraries can change as we move throughout the assignment.  Make sure to check Google Classroom for daily assignments in regard to Traveling with SCI.  Don’t forget, if you are planning similar destinations, to hook up with other SCI travelers.

  • Ivy and Sarah  –  Italy 
  • Brock and Kelton and Jordan – Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam (Seoul layover, visa to Vietnam issued in advance)
  • Kendall – Scotland, Ireland, Paris
  • Melinda – Spain, France, Italy, Greece (maybe Ireland)
  • Tyler & Petra  – Somewhere in South America
  • Jasper – Indonesia and Australia
  • Jackie – Spain and Italy
  • Anna – Denmark and Germany
  • Sara – Australia and New Zealand
  • Shelbie – Scotland and Ireland
  • Paula – Italy and Greece
  • Helena – Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines (Dubai layover) scale back deary
  • Shannon – France, Spain, Portugal, Italy & Munich 
  • Laura – somewhere in the Western United States

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