SCI Travel the World #1 – Working Itinerary


  • Sign up for Trip
  • Assignment Syllabus
  • Talk with your travel partner – when and where are you going?
  • Take the large calendar –  post appropriate dates for travel.
  • Check flights in and out – when you have decided on your flight time – go to Kayak compare times and costs and book your flight.  You must print the final paper that documents that flight.  This is due at the beginning of the hour on Tuesday March 10.  Also punch it and place it in your SCI notebooks.
  • Label the tops of the calendar boxes with the city and country that you’ll be in on the appropriate days.  Make sure if you are traveling for an entire day (ferry or flight or train) that you note travel day in the appropriate place.
  • “Things to Do” – Note one through five things to do for each day.  Remember this can change; however it is important to get the information on paper, and then go edit it.  Because you note one through five – doesn’t mean that you get to one through five each day.  And it doesn’t mean they can’t be shift to the next day…it is just a goal.  OK so why one – well maybe you have festival that you are looking to attend – that certainly can take the entire day.  Five might be a listing that includes  a park, a museum or a church.  It might be nightlife – a club or a cafe.  Music is cool to find.  Maybe you’ll attend a sporting event.  This “one to five thing” can be in continual flux throughout the trip.  And there will be a ton of things you stumble into – or you hear about, and go find, because of suggestions from a fellow traveler.   So think of our “Things to Do” as a goal only.
  • “Things to Do – in depth” – Now we go into-depth.  For each day you will be required to expand on the “things to do” list.  Number each of the things to do – and then write a paragraph or two about what the event or place in mind is all about.  Don’t get confused.  If you have four things to do in Venice on August 2, each is numbered and explained separately under the Date Aug 2.  If you are traveling with a partner – you and he or she may use the same events and summaries, since you’ll be doing this together.  When we journal; that will be a different deal.  Don’t be skimpy on the paragraphs
  • Research Above – In laying out the above paragraphs get creative…comb the web.  You tube is a great source…you might find videos of the place that you could talk about and travel to.  Maybe Lonely Planet’s list of “Best Ofs” will give you an idea.  You will find your own great Travel sights.  At the end of the page copy your source so I know that you aren’t cutting and pasting.  And if I think you are cutting and pasting – you’ll earn zero.
  • Check Google Classroom for specific assignment requirements on this assignment one.


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