Travel the World with SCI


Hey guys, I’ve read, commented on, and graded your second and third installments of Travel the World with SCI.  They have been posted on google classroom.  Some of you have done a marvelous job.  Your work is thorough.  Imagination and passion just ooze out of the plans.  And Melinda, I don’t know how anybody could have done a better job at finding places to stay than you .

However, we’ve got some problems as well.  Too much cut and pasting from the Internet.  An excessive amount resulted in Assignment III – 0% grades for multiple individuals.  And a few of you barely registered a pulse on the assignment.  I understand that some have checked out…I think you need to take a look at the work of those who haven’t.  Whining about first world motivation, when you have all the opportunity of the world within your reach, is pathetic.  

A reminder-  your final installment of the assignment is due on Wednesday, April 22 at 11:59 PM.  If you have copied on Part IV, you might want to go back, rework it, before you turn it in…this is a 100 point assignment; those that are plagiarized will earn a zero.  If you can’t find the energy to do quality work, I have no idea what you intend to do next year at the university when you’re buried up to your nose in reading and writing, and diving headfirst into finals.  You cannot just check out in college; and return the next semester.

For those of you who are rocking and rolling – soldier on.  And all please take a look at Installment III of these fine travel efforts.  Have a great Spring Break.  Come back ready to rock.




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