Exploring Africa – an introduction on gapminder.org

OK guys…we will finish the year by looking closely  at the continent of Africa.  You may choose a partner if you wish.  I need you to concentrate on a single African nation.  Make sure of both decisions.   The individual who you connect with will have a large baring on your Marking Period #4 grade.  Make sure that you fully appreciate his or her work ethic (or lack of one).  Secondly, you need to invest in a single African state.  You’ll learn about the others, however I expect that your relationship with this home state will be intimate.  Make each of these choices wisely.  I’d to have your decisions finalized by Monday.
Let’s begin our look at Africa through the lens of gap minder.org.  It’s a fascinating creation that compares states of the world on over 500 data plotted graphs.  The information is reliable and  comparisons  truly creative.  Go to the website.  There are all sorts of interesting short videos to view; watch a couple.  The Ignorance project is interesting; take a look.  On the intro page you’ll find a link to data, that pulls up over 500 graphs.   Choose a graph; click on visualize.   Above the chart or map – both are interesting to use, is a light bulb.  Go there and watch.  That’s all that you need to familiarize yourselves with the website.

What I’d like you to do is play around with it and your African state.  Take a look at the USA as well.  And Germany, Denmark, Finland and Bavaria.  The comparisons are fascinating.  We will talk more about the sight on Monday.  Your assignment, will include choosing various topics for comparison – some of my choice.  Some of your choice.   And make sure to come with an African state by Monday.

  • Chosen African states
  • Liberia – Ivy and Tyler
  • Mali – Anna and Paula
  • Kenya – Melinda
  • Somalia – Jasper
  • South Africa – Laura
  • Zimbabwae – Shelbie
  • Sarah – Rwanda
  • Tanzania – Brock and Jordan
  • Mozambique – Kelton
  • Sara – Democratic Republic of Congo

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