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We have a great opportunity to travel to Chicago,  volunteer with first generation immigrant children through Refugee One, attend theatre, and roam a couple neighborhoods – spend the night – all for ten bucks.   School transportation (the new school van) will be provided.

Chicago is cool.  So many opportunities in a vibrant urban setting – three hours from Wolf Lake.  Our focus with this trip is to volunteer at the Refugee One After _5862484School Program.  From the website, “be a mentor and role-model for refugee youth! RefugeeOne seeks dedicated volunteers to work with our After-School Youth Program. Volunteers help with a variety of tasks including one-on-one homework help, reading groups, and educational games.”

Please comb the website and watch introductory video on the front page.

Spending the Night – The Program takes place in Unity Lutheran Church, which is located in Andersonville an eclectic city neighborhood just north of Wrigley Field, eight miles from downtown Chicago. We’ll bring sleeping bags and stay at the church Friday night (Oct 16).  The church has a kitchen (stove and refrigerator) – we can eat there  or walk two blocks to the main center of Andersonville and grab a bite for dinner.Unity Welcome Entrance

Andersonville is an interesting Chicago city neighborhood, with coffee joints, restaurants, re-sale shops, boutiques and bars.  We’ll be two blocks away and able to roam the neighborhood, grab a cup of coffee, shop – eat a brownie – do whatever we’d like to do on Friday before the play or Saturday morning after we wake up.

Theatre in Chicago is vibrant.  Probably the second most significant city in the U.S., its community offerings are usually filled with talent and social commentary.  The weekend we are in the city – and the neighborhood that we are in features a couple of productions that you may find attractive.

DanzeTheater_March2015_smallres_26Chicago’s Danztheatre Ensemble will be performing “The Heart Knows” – this thing looks fascinating. From their website – “The Heart Knows is a sigh-specific multidisciplinary performance created by female artists focusing on love, longing and loss. The performances take place in the alcoves of the auditorium, each with a different theme: First Love, Vulnerable Love, Lost Love, Forbidden Love and Unconditional Love….Sharfer’s lyrics are inspired by the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz with a folk flamenco influence.”  There is a ticket cost, however I am working on having that cost reduced or omitted.


On Saturday, after breakfast or coffee whichever you prefer, we clean up at the church and you can head out into town.  Unity Lutheran is three blocks from the subway (Red Line) that will take you downtown to Michigan Ave, Navy Pier, the Bean, all sorts of stuff – or you can stick around in Andersonville and surrounding neighborhoods – your choice.  We will stay in touch via cell phones…and meet back at the church around 6:00 ish…  And drive back to Muskegon… Make sure to take a look at the Chicago Artists Month for Chicago for cool things to do.  

Chicago Artists Month – “My City Our City – A Photo Mashup” – Chicago Artists Month on Saturday in Lincoln Square.  This looks interesting and is an example of what you can find going on in the city off the Artists Month website. Plus Lincoln Square is only a mile or so walk from Andersonville.  I’ll head over there after breakfast if you want to join me.

Chicago Artist Month 2015

And we need more drivers.  The school van seats eight.  Depending on our numbers we will need two or three more adults to drive.  So start finding moms or dads or brothers or sisters or aunts or uncles or some fun teacher…

Please share this site with your parents.  Have them call Mr. Wood at (616) 402-8668 or email me at with questions.  Meanwhile check out websites and do some investigating – do what you want to do to make Chicago a great destination.  We should make final arrangements by October 1.  I will have permission letters available for you and your parents.  Friday afternoon classes will count as a school excused absence.

This trip has been approved by the Oakridge High School principal, Mr. McVoy.  We will use Oakridge School District Van for transportation.



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