A Year in a Life – Ten Observations of a Little Girl in Trouble

This assignment is due post to Google classroom by 11:59 PM Monday September 14.  This assignment is worth 50 points.

In Senior Current Issues we have the freedom to move with issues of the day.  We can so-to-speak set our own agenda.  A crisis currently before the world deals with this Syrian Civil War.  I don’t expect you at this moment to understand the political causes and ramifications, and how it is part of larger fracturing of the Middle East, however its impact is beginning to be felt worldwide.

People are dying.  And families are running.  Countries are reacting in various ways.

Refugees are currently pouring out of Syria and Iraq, into Lebanon and Turkey, across the Mediterranean and overland into Europe.  Germany has agreed to take 800,000; which will strain the country’s infrastructure and patience.  Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Austria all are struggling with the issue.  Poland has said 2,000 no more.  That could change as they become overwhelmed by the logistics.  Denmark has thrown up a road block.  England and France are hesitant with asylum.  As is much of the West, the US has limited their pledge to take in 10,000 refugees, Australia 12,000, in part because of their own economic problems, complicated by a fear of terrorism.  A non stringent acceptance policy could open the door to some who would cause havoc.

So we have a world problem.  One that we probably will take a look at this semester, particularly considering our journey to Refugee ONE in Chicago.

Often the politics of the issue overwhelm the human element, and all we hear about are whether or how it affects us here at home.  The video attached, while it is advertising, it is effective at making you think.   And that is what I’d like you to do. Watch the year in this little girls life.  Look at her – her face – her expressions.  Watch what is happening around her.  Tune into the background as her year unfolds – and make some observations…

For this assignment I want you to first post a numeral – the time of the video – a word or phrase that captures the specific observation that you are making. Bold that portion.  Follow it up with five sentences – describe it or explain what is happening, why it happening, what those implications may be on the little girl and / or her family.  Then skip a line, number your  next observation and do the same.  Use the entire video.



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